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Review About VPartners Casino

I’ve been to a lot of gaming casinos in my career. I’ve been utilizing a number of casino premises for years and one thing I’ve found about online casinos is the Affiliate Scheme. Almost all online casinos are registered under them, and one of the strongest out there is the VPartners Casino.

VPartners Casino is a European franchise network that is now operating hand-in-hand with Vulcan Brands and is already established to most Europeans. The goal of this online casino affiliate system is to bring Russian gambling agencies on the market. Mostly, casinos are more for other big countries leaving Russia behind.

Casino VPartners is worth thinking about as it offers many attributes and capabilities that certain rivals can not deliver. It’s almost new to the market and has risen higher since it was created.

Allow me to introduce you to this great VPartnersCasino as we dive into its world. Visit www.welcomepartners.com and join me.

Licenses and Key Markets

VPartners casino is formally recognized as the Vulcan Affiliate. The casino branch was built up in 2015. It was licensed under the Government of Curacao, called the Curacao Gambling Board.

It clearly implies that the casino is a licensed and legal casino. All relations and procedures are carefully supervised and approved. They actually have their own network under which they run.

Every affiliate system has a point of emphasis where they concentrate all their processes on VPartners is no different and, as mentioned earlier, they are more advanced in the Russian sector, with main markets in Russia, CIS, and some other European countries.

Register With VPartners

Authentication or building an account with VPartners is a pretty complicated method since they need all conceivable detail on who they’re going to start collaborating with. The first step is pretty simple, you’ll only need to change your personal data name, number, email address, and password.

After that, you’ll need to search your Gmail data. Upon authentication, you would have to go through another confirmation phase to decide the form of traffic you would be operating with and whether you would like to deal with them. After sending the form request, you’ll wait briefly.

Visit welcomepartners.com, check the top right section of the lobby and create an account to join the team. I can’t wait to have you on board.

Official Website

Unfortunately, there is no app for mobile devices, but the website works perfectly on all devices.

The platform is more detailed. The site includes all the information you need regarding the membership and the casino. It includes elegant templates and assemblies that together have in-depth software information.

Scrolling though has been split into a variety of pages with information about them, webmasters, partner trackers, and banking data amongst others.

Also at the top is a panel of tabs for various items about a casino like Promo, News, Shops, FAQ, Contacts, etc.

Portfolio for VPartners

As other affiliation networks, Vpartners have filed trademarks in their name. As of now, 2 companies have been listed under VPartners and are V-Partners PP and VulcanBet or Vulcan Vegas Casino.

The partnership since its sponsorship deal with Vulcan has brought further production and growth to the casino in terms of gaming (Slots, Table Games, Live Casino) revenues, architecture, advertising and much more.

Traffics are accepted from the following countries, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Hungary. All these countries contribute to about 40% of the traffic flow in addition to the major flow from Russia.

Even Brazil and Mexico have also had some traffic flow in their affairs.

Software And Interface

Firstly, the casino is well-built, simple to navigate, loads easily, visuals are simpler, fonts are bolder, and configurations are cleaner. This self-written program is built to run efficiently in the English and Russian language GUI interfaces. And if you’re a conversationalist in these two tongues, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s Talk Money

The Agency has various ways in which it carries out its operations. It actually renders them distinct from other related organizations working around it. That’s why the prestige of VPartners precedes them, particularly when it comes to European descent.

Let’s begin by thinking about their Revshare. They literally take 25 per cent-50 percent, depending on the number of new ones and also the benefit.

They can even take EUR 40-200 on the basis of earnings and traffic power. On Tuesdays, they pay bills in euros. But make sure to try it out. Sadly, European teams are receiving higher than Russian players.

When you choose to cash in the capital into your account, the Agency has supplied you with a range of ways; using Neteller, Yandex Money,  Skrill, WMZ, QiWi, Webmoney, epayment, or your bank account to do so. It makes it easier for players to deposit and remove their money easily.    

It is imperative to know that deposits are rendered every Tuesday and happens 4 times every month, with a min withdrawal limit of EUR 200.

Traffics in VPartners

VPartner Casino accepts a range of traffic outlets to help their interactions and activities. Some organizations function differently with various traffic networks, and other people do so in others to reflect the sort of platform they deal with; this is why Vpartners felt it prudent to expand their reach in terms of traffic sources.

The agency can boast of about 10 traffic sources currently; some of them are SEO Website, Doorway, Push Traffic, Social Networks, Adult Traffic, Contextual Advertising (Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Others), Teaser/ Banner Networks, Mobile Applications, Mailing List amongst others.

If you want an affiliation in Europe and you operate on the basis of one of the traffics listed above, then Casino VPartner is the best place to register and start becoming awesome in the industry, particularly if you are in Russia.

Partner Trackers

These are also firms that work hand in hand with Casino VPartner in other to ensure activities for the casino. Some of these partner trackers are Binom, AdsBridge, Peer Click, Keitaro, Octo Tracker.

Customer Care Service

Actually, their customer care support system is one of the best in the industry in affiliation agencies. In the lobby, they have provided various ways in which you can contact them and send or explain your queries to them.

The staff for VPartners has undergone training in the actualities of customer care service, which renders them friendly, tactical and efficient in their ways.

One way you can contact them is through the FAQ section. They have provided a list of questions you would most probably like to ask about the casino. These questions have been in-depth answered for you to understand. Kindly visit the FAQ section to get yourself sorted.

They also have a mail address provided available for you to send your questions to them. Send your queries through [email protected].

They also have skype and Telegram accounts available for players.

Plus And Minuses


  • Very Good Customer Support Service
  • Easy to Navigate Lobby
  • Good interface
  • Great services provided
  • About 10 different Traffics to Choose from
  • Vast Banking Options
  • Legitimate Institution


  • Not the Best in the Industry
  • Only two Language Interface
  • Cash Ins on only Tuesday

Final Thoughts

VPartners Casino after this review 2021 is one of the places you should register yourself if you want to enjoy a good life with bonuses from a casino and an affiliation. Kindly Check www.welcomepartners.com create an account and start enjoying at the casino. I hope to see you partnering with VPartner Casino. I will honestly give them a 4/5 rating.